Sunday, April 5, 2009

Flying cow

Hi guys! I'm the flying cow :) always wanted to fly and my wish is came true~^^. If you ask, how i got it... Well its was a long story xD. One fine day, I was eating grass happily and somehow came a bull towards me from nowhere. Bang! there's goes my tummy and rest of my body. Its was dark back then as I walk deeper and deeper to the tunnel, and finally the end of the tunnel. I saw Steve! he is waiting for me =) I remember how good he is in the TV. He granted me a wing and now Im a flying cow! LOL, cheers! 

Ps: I was bored!

Cheng Ming.

Yeps, is Cheng Ming again~ Today wake up ard 5am, prepare all the stuff to pray my daddy and grandpa. Its a long journey to Nivarna, luckily my bro drive so I get to sleep! Muhahahaha.. ard 7 reach, unload everything and start praying. This year abit special, my aunt's cousin also joined us to pray my dad and our grandpa. She also took alot of our photo, say that she gonna upload it to our family tree ^^. I wish see that, never know I'm in which generation. About 9, praying section over, eat alittle bit chicken and roast pork and we ciao. During journey go home, i continue sleep again.. ahaha.. too tired. Last nite chat with Jester too late. >.< anyway, thats all. Cheers!

Fated to meet her?

Remember that I talk about the XDO sweet girl before? I'm so surprise that she having the almost same life as me. Single parent at the same age till now, She lost her mom (left her) and I lost my daddy (pass away).. I'm quite happy to met someone who are single parent, because we get along so well. I guess, we really talk alot, sms, in game.. But, ldr wont last long. I can tell that, but I will tell you, Stella, I will cherish every moment with you. OMG~ I really do hope you come over west malaysia and have fun with me.I'm naive or what? LOL. cheers! 
Muacks to Stella~

ps: ldr= long distance relationship

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Paintball section on last Thursday :)

Ouch, I still feel the pain on my left leg after this Paintball with my classmate. It all started on Thursday, early in the morning...same daily routine, brush teeth, wash face, blah blah. Gathered at Sunway around 11am and the worst part is, we book at 11am and we are late -_-'' So rush rush and we reach TT sport park. Register ourself in and ready to go~ Before the match started, we have a small briefing. Marker is the gun name we use and it really powerfull, thats explain why my leg still in pain for pass two day.. (blue black somemore). Back then, we divided to 2 groups and the first round we win. 1st round I was pointed by my enemy, left me no choise for not to say surrender and 2nd match shoot on the leg and neck (ouch!) after that thrid match shoot on the arm. All ended around two pm, and I msg my dear, unfortunately she dont know how much fun I have. She lost her phone that morning. Hais pitty her.

Statifaction? 100%

Jester, the harlequin doll.

Jester, who is always wearing the cap 'n' bells or cockscomb, trying to make fun out of you. In the middle ages this profession came into a high demands of audiences. Sooner, here comes the harlequin doll production. Its looks kinda evil to me but oh well, guess what? I actually do like them once in a while. Jester, also know as buffoon (actually know as alot of names, but i choose one) buffoon slightly same as a clown and buffoon can be consider a more high class then clown. I wonder, now, as in 2009 this Jester or Buffoon become no longer popular and a common we heard is 'Clown'. I didnt hear of any performance about this profession, but hopefully I found one some day. It would be great if I get to see them ^^.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The starry nights show me where it begins, and how fast the stars blinks away~

I mean, boy and girl relationship is never beyond BFF.. if yes, then she might as well be your truthly love ones. Frankly, outside there's alot girl i would like to meet, somehow I cound'nt really do it.. College for example, so you can see..80% of student there is dominated with guys, 15% boswana girls and only 5% local girls. Thus, its really hard to get GF for a person like me... but well, I not that despo or whatever, i do have 'girl friends' there. Outside, mostly friend are guys.. I had a ''girl friend'' who used to acompany me mostly, but now she flew to US.. I miss you~ sad. Gah.. i duno la, like most of girls i met, slowly fading away... like the starry nights, the girl were the stars, and u could see how fast it blinks away. Anyhow... I duno...what to say...

The empty promises you've made.

Back then, I was so happy that I actually geting a new phone, which I dream to own one. Last few months back then, my bro say that he gonna get me a high-tech phone. Silly me, I actually believe he gonna buy me one as thou I felt that its was a joke, without any hesitate..I ran all over the phone shops, looking for the perfect one for me. Few hour passes, and I found one... Nokia 5800 XM. I always wanted a symbian S60 ver. in touch function (Looks cool).  So decided went back and make a proposal to bro and ask him buy. The price was RM1499, manage to bargin till RM1300, but in the bro say joking only. I like.. hais, another empty promises that you've made. Somehow i manage to fund out some money and got this phone. LOL, cheers.